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The Recent Addition to the Cannabis Strain Family

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The Recent Addition to the Cannabis Strain Family

Hence, the name bordeliner XTRM. It's an easy to grow cannabis seed variety. This strain is an excellent choice for starters and also the real marijuana experts. The high is a hazy all-over feeling stoned and will lead to an extremecouch- lock effect.

Origin: Ever since it’s been presented to the cannabis market a few years ago, Borderliner XTRM, has been used all over the place in the cannabis community. It’s one of the best potent and most yielding cannabis strains you can possibly buy, yet very little is known about its origins Assumptions are that it comes from the Amazon region of Brazil, but there is no facts about its origin, and there are some discrepancies on the Indica to Sativa ratio. However, all agree that it produces very strong effects typical to Indica, and that it’s a reasonably easy plant to grow, which makes it a mostdesired strain for both personal and commercial growing.

Strain Description: When it comes to Borderliner cannabis strain most discussions about appearance fade away when the THC count is mentioned – it’s about 25% – it should be said that Borderliner is a very robust looking plant. It has a heavy, large stem and it produces a fair amount of leaves that give it a wild appearance. The large buds are frosty, light green with a lot of orange hairs, the kind of buds that put a smile on every enthusiast’s face. One of the most prevalent strains since it has been released. Borderliner Feminized is a strain which was obtained during an expedition led by Daan Brinkers in the Brazilian Forest and brought this strain backto Amsterdam to spread this new and appealing exclusive strain among growers and breeders.

EFFECTS:  Borderliner XTRM is not a strain with a very pungent smell, but the taste is very sweet, and it’s not too severe on the lungs and throat when it’s smoked. The effects it produces are very Indica – a very strong intoxicated body feeling, tranquil and relaxed, that will definitely send even the most cynical of users into a state of blissful couch-lock. Because Borderliner XTRM cannabis strain is high in CBD (Cannabidiol) as well as in THC, it is a very potent pain reliever, which makes it a well appreciated strain among people who use marijuana for medical reasons.This indica strain is so amazing that after trying this, you will not want anything else besides this wonderful lemony and exciting cannabis strain.

Tips to grow: Borderliner XTRM is a grower’s dream come true – a high-yielding, super effective plant that doesn’t require anything but the regular care for it flourishes. It doesn’t have any passed-on weaknesses to parasites or decay, it can grow well indoors and outdoors, it can be grown in a Sea of Green structure.  Borderliner  XTRM is a cannabis strain that is as delightful to grow as it is to use.