The problem with young cannabis plants

Published : 10/30/2013 16:46:51
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The first step after buying cannabis seeds is to germinate, hopefully the next step will be to plant the seedlings in the soil where it can grow to be a very satisfying plant.

A good start leads to good end most of the time so it is very important to give the small plant all it needs when it comes to good growing conditions like lights, temperature and adding nutrients .

When all goes well the small plant begins to grow, small leaves should appear on the side and you should already be able to see the shape of a real cannabis leaf.
But sometimes the plant does not rise without making new leaves, it is called stretching.
Stretching occurs when the plant does not get enough light to grow on, she will stretch, trying to get as much light as she can get.

This leads to a long thin stem that breaks easily while under the ground, the roots are unable to grow as well, this makes the whole plant very vulnerable that will not contribute to a strong healthy plant full of power.
Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, the treatment is the same, add a little again the soil around the small stem of the head and leave a clearance of 2 cm between the new soil and the lower leaves .

Also, lower the lamps if it will not extend yet, it depends on what type of lamp you are using when growing up if you need to determine which is the best height.
When you grow up in the open air just try to get it to receive more direct lights or pre-push them under a 20-watt energy-saving bulb.

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