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The Fascinating World Of CHEESE Marijuana

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The Fascinating World Of CHEESE Marijuana

We cannot help remember the’ smile and say cheese’ syndrome! Social togetherness is served well by this pretty plant and most cannabis sessions encompass many people. Hardly is ever pot consumed alone and togetherness plays an important role. Thus marijuana brings people together!


With THC levels at a high of 21%, it is a powerful stoning effect. Indica constitutes 65% and Sativa abounds at 35%. The strain grows without a fuss both indoors and outdoors though the yield would vary. You can expect an indoor yield of 700 gm/square meter while outdoors the yield would be far greater at 1100 gm/square meter. Height of growth would also differ at 80 cm indoors and 210 cm outdoors. That is a mighty difference indeed and most plants love the outdoors though there is greater control upon conditions indoors while the outer world is exposed to weather, pests, predators and disease besides fungus and cattle.

Combined characteristics bring an awesome plant

Have you heard of Super Skunk and Master Kush? Cheese combines all their qualities that have attracted too many worshippers across half the world, in Europe and the Americas of course with their liberal marijuana laws. In any case, the coming of medical marijuana means that the whole world sooner or later would lap up its profound benefits legally while many do it illegally nowadays. Pain reliever and sleeping pill are some of the common properties besides the cure for depression amidst the euphoria and this variety serves medical uses too. Exceptional taste and smell with very strong highs make CHEESE an outstanding experience. An earthy flavour comes through very powerfully. 

Growing the plant

Cheese is an easy grow enough experience that is another encouraging factor towards the powerful highs. The strong plant gives rise to a bushy experience. The bushy growth requires that enough spacing exists between plants to avoid excessively thick growth. The plant grows big buds in a controlled setting. Flowering is reached in between 8 and 10 weeks. The harvesting month would usually be October and the growing difficulty level is technically considered moderate.

CHEESE feminized seeds

The advantage remains with the feminized seeds of greater productivity since only the feminine plants produce flowers as compared to the unprofitable male plants. The original English classic variety with 50% each of Indica and Sativa still has infinite followers. The variety assures of an intense physically stoned impact with burst of mental exhilaration too, a two in one sensation. The musky earthy flavour too remains long after it is consumed. Adaptability and consistency besides the pungent aroma are resounding qualities. Cloning helped preserve the species. 

Infinite varieties exist, pick your choice!

Big Buddha, Dinafem, Chemdawg, Quattro and Cream are some further sensational varieties. If choice proves to be difficult, simply stick to the original!