Super silver haze feminized seeds

Published : 10/12/2015 11:58:39
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Super silver haze feminized seeds

The plant naturally grows to high lengths and with little bit of monitoring yields large produce resulting in a good and moderately strong flavour.

The seed makes you experience a creative high which is just good enough to make you high but not give a strong punch to your sense. If you are thinking of joint consumptions at social gatherings then this is the right choice! There is a big relief with this strain that it can be grown indoors with restricted spaces.

This plant is only bred for growing indoors so it doesn’t grow tall thereby making the maintenance process an easy job for growers. It takes about 10 weeks to flower and has 75% dominance of the Sativa flavour and has approximately a THC content of 14.70%. It is a true breed variety and will surely not disappoint you.

If you want to feel high and be able to converse over intellectual get-togethers, then is what you really need!

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