Step by Step Approach to Growing Yield Rich Medicinal Marijuana

Published : 10/12/2014 22:02:32
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In the recent past, it has been proven that cannabis can be an effective way of curing a number of ailments; starting from stress related diseases and common flus to tumours and other fatal mental ailments. Since many cases of the cured have come to light, more and more countries have made growth of marijuana for medicinal purposes legal. 

If you have been prescribed medical marijuana, and you can’t find a regular source nearby, it can get difficult to get them from close by sources, and you might have to grow them on your own. There are many individuals who grow marijuana for medicinal purposes for the sake of medical charity. Here is a detailed step by step approach to growing medical marijuana:

Acquire a Prescription: Some medical cannabis dealers ask for a prescription.

Pick the Appropriate Cannabis as per the Medical Condition: Different cannabis varieties act on different ailments. The Indica variant is a great relaxant that is usually used to relieve muscle spasms, mobility issues, pain, tremors, multiple sclerosis etc. The Sativa cannabis is a good stimulant for appetite and is used for curing cancer, HIV, pain, migraines, nausea etc. You can also go for hybrids that will give you a cure to multiple diseases. Go through the catalogue of the dealers like to get a good idea of what can help you best. 

Pick a place with adequate light: Make sure the place you pick for your cannabis garden will have at least 6 hours of continuous light. Use a pressure sodium bulb that will be required for the initial growth. Use an 18/6 in the initial stages and a 12/12 during the flowering stage.

Germinate the seeds: There are various ways of doing it; the most common way of doing this is to wrap a water soaked cloth around the cannabis after the cannabis were soaked in water overnight. Leave them in the basin wrapped in wet cloth after draining excess water. Check back every 12 hours.

Decide whether you would want organic or fertilized marijuana: Since the cannabis will be smoked and taken into the body, it would be advisable to use organic fertilizers like cow dung rather than chemical fertilizers. Keep a close warm on the dosage as well. 

Plant the cannabis plant in a pot initially: Once the cannabis is germinated, make sure they are planted initially in a pot with starter soil (soil that is unfertilized) rather than a fertilized soil. 

Preparation of the fertilizer: Pick a pot of a capacity of 5 gallons and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. First fill the bottom of the pot for an inch with peat moss. Then fill with potting soil of fine texture, you could also use organic mixtures to fill the next layer. You could do it the more complex way by separately mixing soil media and fertilizers in two separate containers. 

Transfer the young plant: This must be done with utmost care without damaging the roots.

Oversee the growth: The plant must get a minimum of 6 hours of light and plenty of fresh air. There must be adequate fertilizers and water.

Maintain a temperature of about 67 degree Fahrenheit.

Make sure you induce flowering if required by adding phosphorous or nitrogen fertilizers.

Unweed male plants since they are of no medicinal use.

Harvest the plants: Usually in a period of 8 weeks. 

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