Spotlight on the Top Benefits of Feminized Cannabis

Published : 05/22/2014 11:56:45
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Feminized seeds are getting attention slowly and gaining popularity in the market. In some states, it represents 90 percent of sales both over the web and grow-stores. Synthetic and organic growers, Indica and sativa growers, hydro and soil growers, can now make up to regular and feminized seeds. 

The feminized seeds signify the high in-genetics and quality of marijuana seeds. These are female plants and quite hard to create, but they offer optimum quality; the stable plants are then cultivated from these seeds. 

The Process

To begin the production of feminized seeds, you need to start off with the chosen female clones (seed clones). Making sure that it meets all the standard conditions so that abundant male pollen and flowers could be built. The pollen is mainly used for the development of feminized seeds. 

Problem with Male Plants

The marijuana plants come in both female and male varieties; the male plants can pollinate a garden or whole room of female plants, which are usually seedy, and have more energy. It is better to destroy or isolate all male cannabis plants. 

If you come to know that all seeds are male, then you can make use of latest advanced techniques to turn them into female seeds. The feminized seeds are produced after the cloned turned male or original female, leading to female seeds. It helps the growers control the emergence of males, without losing plants just because they are males.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

The feminized seeds are greatest achievements in the seed market. The best part is that feminized seeds are mainly female and hence there is no need to worry about the sexing your plants, and destroying the unwanted male plants. 

The ratio of female to hermaphrodite is pretty higher than females to males, using non- feminized seeds. It is initially just 8% compared to 50% of females to males from regular seeds. 

Feminization is easy task, though perfection may take some years; the proportion strains aren’t that effective as feminized seeds, as they develop many hermaphrodite plants due to commercial value. 

Added Benefits

There are many other benefits of growing feminized seeds, like outdoor growing in isolated areas that don’t require observing the males. It isn’t necessary to have these feminized seeds in outdoor growing areas. 

These can be cultivated in indoor gardens for better yield, leading to more number of female cannabis plants. When you compare these with regular seeds, feminized don’t consume as much space, when removing any males or sexing your plants. 

The feminized seeds make sure that every seed turns into female plant, offering great returns on your investment. Though the process of feminization is bit costly, the return in buds can make up for everything. If every plant with resin covered buds to cultivate, there is no worry about pollination.

The feminized seeds can be strains to make life easy for beginners, while hard-bred ones can be used successfully by experienced growers.

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