Skunk #1 Seeds: a popular hybrid of Cannabis

Published : 09/3/2015 11:10:21
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Skunk #1 Seeds: a popular hybrid of Cannabis

It was introduced across the globe over a quarter century, after its released, it fused the traditional cultivator in all over the globe.  Through the thorough choice of generations as well  as and back-crossing, the best form of Skunk was established between the first real-breeding  is Indica-Sativa hybrid  which is known the classic Indica-dominant Skunk #1.

Skunk #1 is known as a powerful Ganja, because of the potency of this marijuana hybrid which is extensively  notorious. Its high performance and strong genotype have motivated the thousands of modern hybrids of cannabis, so that the cultivator of Skunk #1 Seeds are the benchmark among  the all cannabis cultivator. Skunk#1 always produces an energetic performance as well as plentiful yields which can demonstrate genuine meaning of this hybrid.  In appearance, the growth and flowering is as similar as Indica, but Skunk #1 gain more height than the pure one.

Skunk #1  has the extra-dark green leaves which she gets from her ancestors coming from Afghan and there is a sharp contrast  in her lime-green growing. 

The flowering of this popular cannabis hybrid is extremely fast and Skunk#1 always produces a strong stems and branches which can provide a great support to her superior yields. There is a small internodal gap which is very quickly close in that time when her nodes blow up into dense, after that the beautiful, rounded flower clusters that merge into big, strong, heavy terminal buds through the end level of the blooming phase. The flowers are found in various sheds at the end level of the flowering. Plants show their energy during the resin production and bud formation.

Sativa tradition is most obvious in Skunk #1 mainly on its gorgeous calyxes, long, plentiful pistils and her most normal habit of developing bud-growth in all directions when the harvest time appear. Sativa also has a beautiful motivation on the potency of the Skunk #1’s and effect is a wonderful combination of high and stone.

When the flowers are starting blooming. The dark green leaves of this strain appears which is coming from her Afghanica ancestors and this can make a great contrasts with her lime-green growing tips. 

Features of the Skunk #1 

For both novice and experienced cultivator, Skunk #1 is one of the fastest as well as easiest, ways to provide top quality medicinal or recreational cannabis!

 Skunk #1 generally start flowering within less than one month. Once started flowering, the blooming period is energetic and productive, which is lasting from 45 to 55 days.

Skunk #1 usually performs greatly and perfectly under sun lights and, and also during the spring and summer, 

This plant has also been flourished greatly on the outdoors below about 45°N. 

The mature buds of this cannabis is hybrid quite large as well as dense, also shining with THC-rich resin glands. 

Its taste and effect must be familiar to most marijuana lovers – which is sweetly pungent flavor followed by an extremely strong and powerful combination.

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