Regular vs. Feminized Seeds: What Should You Consider?

Published : 04/24/2015 23:02:39
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Regular vs. Feminized Seeds: What Should You Consider?

There is no method to detect whether a regular seed will grow into a female or male plant, apart from flowering. It’s possible to note the differences between female and male after the second week of flowering phase.

It could be fifty percent male and fifty percent female, though the ratio differs in most cases. 

Few factors influence whether regular or feminized seeds are suitable for individual or beginning grower. The personal preference, experience level, and available space, height, and growing conditions should be taken care of, when considering regular vs. feminized seeds. If your aim is to breed cannabis and build seeds, then both plants are required. 

The Cloning Process

Cloning is a process that takes cutting from female plant to create an identical mother plant. Though it’s quite possible to get mother plants from either feminized or regular seeds, the chance of getting a healthy clone is high in regular female seeds than feminized seeds. 


The extra-potent, classic strains have been around for a long time that interests both smokers and growers. Advanced AK-47 has outstanding evergreen contents. These days, people even go for indica sativa hybrids, as they have their own unique stamp and excellent overall properties. The regular strains are easy to grow plants that produce high yields. 

The concept of feminized seeds allows you to grow only females; the range of female genetics is mixed. Though it’s a lengthy process, healthy, nourished plants are grown, which can then be transferred into a large container. 

Regular Seeds

Window widow seeds from is one of the best available regular cannabis seeds.It is chosen by all possible growers, be it novice or experienced.  The online retailer is offering the product for just €25. Widely popular in Netherlands, it has both indica and sativa properties. It can grow up to medium height, offering much needed energy. 

Pure Power plant seed is yet another strong growing regular seed, which can be germinated into sturdy plant. Available under the price of €20, it would definitely give best results for any type of growers. The big, wide shaped leaves are the reason behind the healthy growing plant. These are best suited for indoors, a small greenhouse or any place with little space. 

AK 48 is easy to germinate seeds; it should be placed in a big container, featuring a healthy underground, so that roots grow into strong plants. Ice and Jack Herer are the main reason behind the innovation of AK-48, which shares some properties with Skunk, and Northern Light. 

Feminized Seeds

Amnesia Haze is a good strong weed that has good taste and smell, apart from its powerful impact on the users. Belonged to sativa family, it has fresh green color and sour freshness. 

K2 feminized seeds have an energetic high and very strong taste. They grow into delicious buds. It all depends on your preference and growing conditions to choose between feminized and regular cannabis seeds.

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