Plant Cannabis Seeds

Published : 12/24/2013 14:20:48
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It is of course on how you germinate because many growers stop them directly into the earth.
Initially this is a good method because the roots immediately cheerful start to spread but a disadvantage of this method is that you do not view have on the course of germination and seedling growth, sometimes you can not in time to intervene if something threatens to go wrong.

And often it happens that the grower weed seed planted too deeply into open ground making it very takes a long time before anything is visible, yet often causes a lot of stress for the grower.

The most successful method is still the germination between two wet tissues, this way you can control the growth of the root into the holes and plants on time so that you do you not worry about that need.
If the weed seed germinates well and the white root has long about a centimeter, you can plant it in the ground with the root downward and the seed head is just above the ground.
First, give the earth a little water because if you only watering if you have planted the chance of subsidence of the seed size and she can deep pockets, including sex going carrots "float" so they do not have enough grip.

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