Original Haze X Skunk Seeds Not Susceptible For Molds

Published : 09/10/2015 09:34:27
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Original Haze X Skunk Seeds Not Susceptible For Molds

It is a hybrid of Haze and Skunk. There are more medicinal values in this plant which can be sued for tiredness and stress.  This is from the Sativa of 60`s and 70`s. The buds from this plant are slim, but give out more resin. This plant can be crossbred with any other variety to give better characteristics. There is a high energetic feeling from the strain and the smoke of this plant. The buds are hard and there are eleven or thirteen fingers in this. Flowering takes a long time but worth the wait. 

Better Outdoor Than Indoor

The height of the plant is more and thus more suitable for outdoor rather than indoor.The Greenhouse also will be a better place for this plant to be grown. If enough space is there indoors then the plant can be accommodated indoor. The taste is sweet-sour and gives a good buzz for the body. It takes 10-12 weeks of flowering. The THC level is more about 15-20 %. The yield is about 300-400 gms for one square foot. The harvest time for this plant is in October and November. Recreational users use this strain to get the fruity taste. The flowering time is short and thus the cultivators prefer this breed. 

Good Yield At More Temperature

The strain or smoke gives mild feelings. The humidity has to be between 50-60%. If the humidity is less than the buds are harder and tighter. Outdoor temperature of about eighty degrees also is handled by this plant to give the best yield. If the plant is indoors, it is better to keep it under light from reaching the warmth. This plant can be cultivated by the Sea OF Green method also. The height of the plant increases during flowering and thus has to be taken care at this time. The look is like Crystal-a Connoisseur. The aroma is organic with a sweet taste. 

Many Medical Uses

The strain and smoke give a good cerebral high and there is laughing feeling. The user should know the limits as there may be some psychic drops when used in large quantities. There are many medical uses of this plant. It is better to use less rather than trying more. Cannabis connoisseurs start salivating when they hear the name of this plant. Both the parent plants Haze and Skunk are popular to make this hybrid the best variety. 

More For Recreational Use

Both CBD crew and Dutch passion together did this project to get 1:1 THC: CBD. Many patients can get the help of this variety, as there is not much THC level. High CBD levels give a good level of the recreational users. This variety has 5% THC and 5% CBD.  Good yields are possible with only ideal conditions. The cultivators have to look after the plant with care until flowering. 

There are many countries which are prohibiting the produce of Marijuana. It is always better to know more about the rules before growing this plant. The number of plants permitted also is mentioned by law and following this will not create any problem.

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