Medical cannabis

Published : 11/6/2013 15:58:32
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Many users rotate their joint without thinking twice because they are used to consuming cannabis for entertainment or just to relax alone or with friends.

In the Netherlands it is possible to buy cannabis buds in special stores while in other countries that own or buy cannabis is prohibited by law.
In the early days cannabis was used for its fibers to make clothes, pressing the cannabis seeds supplied oil to use for multiple purposes and cannabis buds were consumed to predict the future, healing the disease and relieving Pain from help or other physical and mental dysfunctions.

In cannabis during a few decades has been purely used for recreational purposes while by cannabis breeders time created new strains possessing new characteristics and even increasing the level of THC.

In addition, they have discovered a way to develop feminized cannabis seeds to guarantee cannabis plants that women, not men, simply delicious buds.

But time has changed the purpose of using cannabis again what medicinal use means is now allowed after receiving a recommendation from your doctor even in countries where recreational use is still prohibited!
Famous varieties of Medicinal Jacky Herer cannabis are, Big Bud, Chrystal, White Widow and Northern Light, all of which are available on the Internet.

Medicinal cannabis is sought throughout the world and although a referral is needed doctors many patients avoid the doctor (expensive) and turn to the official seed banks to buy their own cannabis seeds to supply themselves with seedlings Cannabis.

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