Marijuana Plant

Published : 07/15/2015 10:07:50
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Marijuana Plant

The Marijuana plant – a flourishing cultural asset

It is thought to have originated on the Asian continent. In the middle of the 19th century the first plants arrived in Europe. From the process of sowing, up until the bloom, the plant is almost entirely utilized. High Supplies offers a broad range of seeds to plant and grow your own Cannabis.

Seeds, fabric and florescence – Marijuana plants can be used in their entirety 

The plant can be used in various ways. Oil can be extracted from the seeds, which can be used for the production of lubricants, dye, and cleaning agents.  The main part of the hemp plant – its fabric – is used for the production of ropes, twine, clothes, and even chipboards. It has been used widely throughout history. Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, printed his first bible on hemp paper. It was even used for the Declaration of Independence in the United States.

Only the blossom, however, can be used as a medication or a stimulant. The ancient Chinese were aware of the relaxing and pain relieving effects of Cannabis and used it as a medical herb. Today doctors and patients all around the world have embraced this, harnessing the plant’s potential to relax, relieve, and also stimulate. 

The primal strains of the Marijuana plant: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis 

It is now thought that all Marijuana strains go back to three different species: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. All existing strains are essentially cultivated hybrids from these basic types.

Indicia’s origins lie in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Typical for this species is its fast ripening process. Indica plants usually bloom after 6-9 weeks. They grow compact and not very high. Indica smoke is rather potent and intense.  

Sativa plants are originally from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The species growth differs widely depending on each sub-type.  Maturing time ranges between 8 to 15 weeks and is significantly longer than the time of its sister plants. The effect of Sativa can be strong and psychedelic – especially with bigger crops. 

The third primal type, the Ruderalis, has also yielded numerous hybrids, which are cultivated all over the world. Ruderalis’s origin could not be proven, but is believed to be in Russia or Central Europe. The plant contains only a little THC and grows bushy, but not very high. The stimulating effect is moderate, but compared to the other two primal types Ruderalis grows the quickest.  

Newest hybrids are available at High Supplies

All Marijuana seeds suitable for starting your own Marijuana cultivation are hybrids from Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. At High Supplies Cannabis seeds shop you can find and buy seeds for all sizes, effects, and maintenance efforts. 

If you want to experience a strong high, the large-leafed Amnesia could be the perfect fit. K2 is a quickly growing plant with high yields. Alternatively you could try Afghan, Misty or Ice. You can find information on all the different species on the relevant product pages. 

Our medical Marijuana seeds include among others: 


Northern Light

Jack Herer


White Rhino

At High Supplies – the number one grow shop – you can find regular, feminized, and medical Marijuana strains, as well as all the accessories, for a fair price. Get the full package for starting your own cultivation shipped directly to your door. 

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