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Marijuana legalization: A Long Path Ahead

Marijuana legalization: A Long Path Ahead

Seattle is a great city: the coffee is delicious, the landscapes are spectacular, people are friendly and open minded, and there are a lot of things you can do. Among the many “things you can do” in the wonderful Emerald City, smoking pot is certainly one of the best options you have. As you probably know, smoking pot is legal in Seattle, as long as you are at least 21 years old, you are not driving and you are doing it at home. This said, legalization hasn’t exactly been trouble-free in the capital city of the Pacific Northwest. Quite the contrary.

Lately, for instance, many activists in Seattle have been complaining about the prices of legal cannabis, which are objectively quite high. These prices are the product of the bureaucratic machine of the state combined with the rules of the market. While this is all quite obvious, the not-so-obvious question that people are asking is: why should we buy legal pot, when it is so expensive and its quality is sometimes not that great? This is a fair question, a product of the epical transition between a vast black market and a legal market that just started.

The answer, some experts suggest, is called certified pot: if people can buy USDA certified organic cannabis, and if they understand how strict the controls are when it comes to quality, maybe they will be willing to spend more for their beloved pot. Surely, this is an interesting conversation that many other states will need to think about.

Marijuana cannot become a product accessible only to those who have enough money to live in a penthouse. Cannabis belongs to everyone of us, and human beings have been using it for centuries. Let’s not mistake “legalized” for “inaccessible”, or legalization itself will become quite meaningless. Wouldn’t you agree?