Knowing your cannabis seeds

Published : 11/5/2013 14:56:28
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When it comes to cannabis seeds i have seen lots and lots of them pass me by, there are so many varieties that i can't even name them all in one breath.
Every plant starts with seed, you can also buy cuttings but to make sure you have healthy strong plants with a well rooted underground it's best to start with good quality cannabis seeds.

If you start germinating your cannabis seed you provide the little plant space and opportunity to develop her roots properly.
From the outside cannabis seeds can differ from one strain to another, they can be long and big, big and round, small and round and the color varies from grey to dark brown covered with lines or faint dots.
But how can you tell which seed is worth the trouble and which is not ?

Generally good quality seeds have a darker color, are heavy and have an average size, the shell is strong and undamaged.
Cannabis seeds which are very light having an almost white appearance are not viable, you can crush them easily between your fingers.
Most of the time very tiny cannabis seeds haven't reached their full potential yet but it's always worth the try, products of nature shouldn't be underestimated or just being thrown away !

Cannabis seeds contain water, amino acids and fats to stay healthy once they're removed from the (male) plant, this way they can be stored for a long time and best is to keep them in a dry cool and dark place like your refrigerator because light, moist and warmth sets the germination in progress.

Some store their cannabis seeds in a freezer but personally i recommend only to do that when you're sure the seeds aren't too fresh because very fresh seeds contain water and if that water freezes you can kiss your seeds goodbye.

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