Knockout (K.O) feminized seeds

Published : 10/15/2015 09:04:53
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Knockout (K.O) feminized seeds

It is highly potent and strong and one needs to be careful before using this variety, if you ask us then moderation would be the key until you get acclimatised to the strong punch it delivers!

It takes you some time to recover from its after effects and you need to be cautious enough to not to mix anything else with this while you are at it! Although the seeds are a bit expensive, they are totally worth it and the seeds yield pretty high yields of buds and as well as grow in a record time as well.

The indoor yield of the plant is a bit lower than that of the outdoors and the plant grows up to an average height. The plant has a very high percentage of THC of approximately 20% and the plant is a cross between India and Sativa strains! Mostly Indica dominant in about 80% of the flavour and is a must have for anyone who wants to try something really strong and exotic in their lifetime.

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