Insight into Various Pros and Cons of Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Published : 08/24/2015 14:44:56
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Insight into Various Pros and Cons of Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

That said, there also are some downsides of these very popular cannabis seeds that the breeders should bear in mind. 

So, let us take a look at the various pros and cons of auto-flowering marijuana seeds. 


Smaller Size: The genetics of these auto-flowering seeds are such that they always remain on the smaller side in terms of their size. This is why they are also sometimes called as dwarf cannabis plans. The small sizes come advantageous to people who grow these plants in small areas like small gardens and balconies. Small cultivation becomes easier thanks to their small size. These can even give you great results on window sills. This in turn makes it perfect for those guerrilla cannabis growers. 


Resistant Plants: As these plants are influenced by Cannabis ruderalis, most of these seeds are pretty resistant to most of the moulds and diseases. They are also very resistant to cold and similar problems. 


Harvesting Multiple Times in One Year: The best part about auto-flowering seeds is that always start flowering automatically. This means if you start growing these seeds early in a year, you can easily harvest your cannabis plants during the mid-summer the same year. Post that, you can start a new cycle as well. If you are lucky and get favorable summer and spring you can even manage to have three cycles of growth in the same year. Things would be clearer if we compare this with Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. We know that these plants flourish only during summer and spring and they flower when daylight hours start diminishing. This is usually towards the end summer every year. This way, you only get one single harvest every year as your cannabis growth is directly dependent on different times of a year. 


Short flowering and growth period: The auto-flowering seeds are known to grow very fast and they have a fairly short flowering span. In case of most of auto-flowering seeds, harvesting is possible within 60-70 days, if you count the time starting from germination to their day of harvest. 


Small Harvest: These seeds grow much smaller plants compared to the usual indica and sativa varieties. Though guerrilla growers love this fact, but the downside is that yield per plant becomes comparatively lower. 

Lower percentage of THC: As the autoflowering seeds are largely influenced by Cannabis ruderalis, the THC percentage of these cannabis seeds is lower when compared to the other strong indica and sativa. 

On the Whole

Auto-flowering seeds are gaining more and more popular at a really fast speed, and this is precisely the reason why most of the commercial seed producers have already jumped on to these seeds, and their numerous varieties. The quality of these seeds has also improved considerably as the quality of what you get today is many times better than what was available in the market a couple of years ago.

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