Insight into Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicinal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Published : 01/23/2015 20:02:05
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Insight into Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicinal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds are creating the latest buzz in the dope circles all over the country. They are well preferred over the other types since this type of cannabis gives a much higher yield, almost in exponential proportions when compared to the usual ones. These seeds produce female plants (companies claim 90% to 100%). While they are desired, a good number of growers steer away from them because of concerns about the stability of the plants and their off-springs. Many believe that they may produce hermaphrodites. This is more likely to happen when one purchases cannabis from less reputable companies which is why it is advised to get high quality seeds from reputed sources like These reputable companies produce high quality seeds but we can never be sure. 

How Are Feminized Seeds Formed?

These feminized seeds are usually the outcome when a female plant is pollenated with pollen grains by another female plant. These female medical marijuana plants much like the other deciduous plants will turn hermaphrodite in order to make their own pollen grains in particular environmental conditions where very low amounts of male pollen grains are available. This happens when the female plants are not able to fertilize themselves anymore. It was discovered by breeders that when these pollen producing female plants pollenate other female plants then the plants are completely female. This fresh discovery led to quite a few methods of making feminized seeds. 

Watch Out for Marijuana Hermaphrodites: Seed companies of low reputation pick female plants that have a tendency for hermaphrodites who use them to then pollenate various other female strains in order to make feminized seeds. Even though the offspring are expected to be mostly female, this could give rise to issues of stability. Even if the female recipient happens to be 100% female, that lacks hermaphrodite tendencies, the pollen producing female (other parent) can be a hermaphrodite by nature and this factor could be inherited by the offspring. It is said that this style of production can easily produce mostly hermaphrodites. 

Methodsof Creating Feminized Marijuana Seeds: The breeders who make the highest quality of feminized cannabis employ a very different method of production. In place of picking a hermaphrodite as a pollen producer, they pick a 100% female plant with significantly good traits and use these for treatment of hormones or use some kind of safe chemical to give rise to plenty of male flowers. These fake hermaphrodites pollenate the female plants to create feminized plants. What sets this method from the others is basically stability. The female clones that are usually treated with hormones pass on the stable genes to the offspring that give rise to feminized cannabis that hardly have any hermaphrodite tendencies. 

Beware That These Feminized Seeds Can’t Really Produce Their Own Offspring: When feminized cannabis is made, it must be noted that they are basically sterile. Breeders should steer clear away from purchasing feminized seeds if they would like to choose strains that will allow them to create their own breeds with their own genetics.  

For medical purposes, marijuana breeders usually prefer to have a perpetual garden from where the offspring are made through the process of cloning so there is no need to worry about sterile seeds.

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