Ideal Strain For Winter Depression

Published : 04/8/2016 13:50:20
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Ideal Strain For Winter Depression

California Dream is easy to trim and has a good resistance to mildew. With many secondary branches, this strain is perfect for growing in indoors. Outdoors, California Dream can be grown in moderate regions as long as the weather does not turn before the gathering date, around the middle of September. California Dream feminized seeds are a Californian Indica-Sativa hybrid, so best is just to cultivate it indoors but this strain grows outdoors in humid climates only.

Origin: This strain originated its roots from California and hence known as California Dream Feminized. The yield of California Dream Feminized or its real output may produce a very significant amount if grown under proper guidelines. The California Dream feminized marijuana seeds produces huge buds totally covered in resin when you treat the seeds right, it will return you with a big harvest.

Description: California Dream starts budding after 8 weeks and continues progressively at a regular pace. The plants are very similar in appearance and height, which means you can trust on steady results when growing from seeds. Under a standard 3-4 week vegetative time in soil, they tend to stretch to approx. 1 meter with little variation. The attractive buds have a typical tapering shape. Some buds are thicker than others, but the differences are minimal. This strain may have good potential for indoor growing. California Dream prefers to grow in a stable soil mix without excessive nitrogen content, and hot biological mixes with bat dung etc. should be avoided. In a sea of green set-up, it may be best to trim the shoots at the bottom three internodes to support the top branches. Resin production is reliable among all plants and the buds are easy to trim after harvest. Mildew resistance tends to be good. California Dream can be grown in moderate regions outdoor, as long as the weather does not turn before the harvesting date, around the middle of September.

Taste and High: The flavor of this strain is strong and fresh, like sweet orange juice that has maybe a bit of added peppermint sugar.  The flavor of California Dream feminized marijuana is sweet citrus with a bit of mint, so refreshing as well as a strong taste.  After the first surge, if you settle down a bit, you can really get into a channel of creativity.  The effects are quick-hitting, producing an exceptional high that can be felt both in body and mind. The stone leaves a sense of well-being and reveals a balanced yet exciting power of its parentage. It may inspire you to hang loose and take a mind vacation, or stimulates you to have fun. After the first surge, you can settle down and get into a mood of creativity. This is a promising strain to try out.

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