How to Pick the Perfect Cannabis Seeds as a Cultivator?

Published : 03/8/2015 15:03:56
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How to Pick the Perfect Cannabis Seeds as a Cultivator?

 Characteristics of the seeds like the strain, resistance to pests, THC potency and other unique characteristics decide the quality of the seeds. 

Selection of Seeds

When selecting cannabis seeds, the most important deciding factor to consider is the strain of the plant. It may seem to be overwhelming for a novice grower to decide this initially, but the choices can be narrowed down by answering some simple questions. This will help in choosing the best strain. Cannabis seeds contain genetic material that decides the potential shape, size, cannabinoid content and time for maturity of the plant. Choosing the right strain of seeds can assure you a very good quality harvest, provided you also use good quality fertilizers and provide the plant with good growing conditions. 


Before picking these seeds, decide the characteristics that you are looking for. Are you looking for characteristics of a sativa or an indica or a mix of both? The indica varieties are usually good for stress relief, relaxation and overall serenity and calmness. They also offer effective relief from body pain and are often used for treating insomnia. On the other hand, sativa highs are energetic and uplifting, with the effects being cerebral.  So, depending on what your needs are or what results you are looking forward to achieve, decide the strain of seeds you would want to buy. 

Other Considerations

The next question you would need to answer is whether you would be growing these plants outdoors or indoors. Answering this question can reduce the number of choices in front of you as there are different kinds of seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation. 


Flowering is also a very important feature that has to be considered and this is fully influences by the sativa or indica ratio. Any grower would want seeds that would mature well before the threat of bad weather or frost. If the sativa mix is high in the seeds, it would require a longer time to be ready for harvest. Usually, seeds with longer growing seeds are meant for outdoor cultivation. Deciding these aspects beforehand can help you choose the right seed for your cultivation needs.  

Factors Affecting the Harvest

If the yield that the harvest produces is a very important factor for you, there are different kinds here again. There are high, medium and low yielding marijuana plants. If quantity is important to you than quality, then choose seeds that can produce high yields. On the other hand, if quality is what is crucial you may have to compromise on quantity. Most of the time, maximum yield comes from indica and indica hybrid strains, while the sativa varieties produce lower yields. 

These tips may help in choosing a good cannabis seed strain. Even if the grower chooses the best of the seeds, it is in his hands to maximize the potential of the plant by following the best cultivation practices.

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