How to Find an Ideal Feminized Strain for Beginners

Published : 04/8/2015 16:04:19
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How to Find an Ideal Feminized Strain for Beginners

For first-time growers, it is usually recommended to opt for strains that are easy to grow and are forgiving in nature to the mistakes that they tend to commit. Among these recommended strains for beginners, Top 44 is one of the best options for them to consider. 

Short Flowering Time 

Top 44 feminized seeds are one of the top commercial strains in the world. They flower up amazingly quickly are usually get ready in just around 6 weeks under the right growing conditions with the help of high quality seeds. Speaking about the quality of seeds, beginners usually don’t know much about the right places to buy Top 44 seeds and many times end up purchasing low quality seeds from untrustworthy seed banks. 

Order from Reliable Sources

It is advised that first-time growers do their research work beforehand in order to ensure that they purchase good seeds. 

While the brick-and-mortar seed banks may be limited to supplying to some surrounding areas, there are online seed suppliers that supply seeds to all places across the globe. So, newbies can consider purchasing from online seed banks like that provide only the best quality seeds. It costs around €25 for a pack of 5 Top 44 feminized seeds.

Ideal for Novice Cultivators

The strong yet fast growth of Top 44 seeds is what makes them ideal for first-time growers. Further, their disease and mold resistant nature helps them stay healthy, which is another reason beginners need not worry about their plants getting affected from pests. It requires very less attention of the grower when compared to most of the other feminized strains. The faster finishing characteristics of Top 44 help in increasing the yield as well. 

Great for Growing in Cramped Spaces

The fact that the plant stays pretty low makes it perfect to be cultivated in balconies, small areas like closets or cupboardswhere space is limited and sea of green methods. It is suggested to try the sea of green method for these seeds as the plants will almost double in size in the duration between flowering and harvest. The buds are fluffy and thick with a good layering of tan or light orange pistils. 

Amazing Taste and Smoke

As for the taste of Top 44, it presents a skunky taste with the edge of sweet caramel and lush, thick smoke with hints of lemon. The deep skunky smoke is known to leave behind an all round buzz. Smokers report few indifferent things about its effects, though the medical marijuana community favors this strain for the positive effect that it offers, for treating nausea, pain and appetite without a spinning head or shoving the user to the couch.  

If you are a beginner, Top 44 feminized seed strain is a must-try for great cannabis growing experience.

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