How to Determine Sex of Your Cannabis Herb

Published : 10/31/2013 15:25:42
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If you buy regular cannabis seeds, you know there is a possibility of finding male and female seedlings.
If you do not want to push women, it is important to remove all male plants before they begin to pollinate female plants.
When the male plants fertilize the females, they will abandon the production of the flowers and start making lots of cannabis seeds.
This can ruin your crop if you are not in time to withdraw the men.
Many beginners regular seeds of order, but are not aware of how to see the difference between a male and female plant, with all the consequences.
A female plant is very easy to recognize, you need to look at the "underarms" on the stem of the plant head.
When you see two white "hairs" appear you know you are dealing with a beautiful woman.
In case of Autoflowers you already feel the typical cannabis smell.
At this stage, you can start giving carefully to the plants with special nutritional flowers to give it an extra boost.
Good luck!

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