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How to Cure Cannabis: A Tricky Process!

How to Cure Cannabis: A Tricky Process!

The process is not an easy task; in fact, the art of curing is even more difficult to master than cultivating cannabis. Before beginning with the curing process, it is important to ensure that the process of drying has been carried out properly. In case of under drying, over drying, quickening or anything else, curing won’t help at the first place. Once properly dried, you need to start with curing. Here’s how to cure marijuana the right way.

Find an Air-Tight Jar

Keep the buds in an airtight glass jar like quart Mason jar. Store it out of light in a dark and cool place. While filling the jar, you need to remember to put marijuana loosely by filling up till maximum 2/3rd of the jar because the buds require some air to breathe.  Ensure that the buds don’t get crushed.

Allow the Buds to Breathe

Open the container few times a day, allowing it to breathe for few minutes as this lets the aerobic bacteria to spring to life, which is needed to consume chlorophyll and make the buds smoke smoother.  If there’s any moisture condensation, wipe it away from the lid. Take care not to leave excess of moisture in the jar during the process as this can lead to rot due to mildew or mold formation.

Store Away from Light

Turn the buds gently in the jar and close it back. Store it once again away from light in a cool place. Repeat the same process till the time you are satisfied with the curing of buds by testing it. With curing, you can only under cure; it is not possible to over cure since cannabis is like fine wine in that it gets much better with time.  

How Long Does It Take?

The whole process of curing may take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the way in which the cultivator wants his buds to be. Few marijuana connoisseurs smoke only weeds that are cured for minimum one year. 

How to Test the Results?

To find out if the cannabis is cured properly, just bend a bud’s stem gently. You will hear a clear snap of the stem and the bud should not feel crumbly or flaky, but rather dry. As for the stem, it should not be brittle, but dry.

Curing high quality marijuana buds is similar to ageing wonderful wine. It requires some time to develop an intense flavor and smooth lingering taste. And, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so you ought to have some experience in the field to be able to generate good results. Needless to reiterate that curing cannabis is a whole lot tougher than actually growing them.