How much money can a marijuana grower make?

Published : 06/19/2014 15:50:02
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There are many different strains of marijuana seeds available all promising a relatively high yield per plant but how come that one person happily shares his story of an enormous yield while the other tells a story about a disappointing low yield?

Well the definitive amount of yield depends on a few very important factors a grower must always keep in mind, wether you grow indoors or outdoors.Growing indoors in countries like the Netherlands is more beneficial than outdoor planting, purely because you can create a stable environment indoors that the Dutch weather just can't guarantee.

This stable environment with good and strong enough lights, water, fertilizer when needed and ventilation is crucial for gaining a tremendous yield, of course also depending on the strain.Light is very important, the marijuana plant uses the light for photosynthesis to develop, if the lights aren't strong enough the buds will not become as big as expected.

For example a grower who grows his cannabis plants with the help of TL-lights won't have the same amount of yield compared to the grower with professional HPS or LED lights, they say : light is weight.The type of strain also has its influence, the most potent strain is Big Bud which has the tendency to grow large fat buds in the shape of a cola bottle, a dream for commercial growers.

Big Bud is an Indica variety and all indica varieties have the property of developing more yield than its Sativa sisters although Sativa grows less buds, these buds have their own special taste as well as effect. There are several techniques like scrogging and pinching to help increase yield, scrogging is a technique in which the lateral branches are tied down sideways so that the plant won't be inhibited in height.

Pinching the marijuana plant means pinching the main shoot what eventually results in 3 main shoots instead of just one. All together i can say there is no exact guideline to gain more yield from your cannabis plant but a little common sense and knowledge can take you very far.

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