Have you ever been to Colorado Cannabis Cup?

Published : 04/17/2015 08:57:17
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Have you ever been to Colorado Cannabis Cup?

If you haven’t, you should soon plan too. The flight to Denver is quite a journey. After hours spent flying over the clouds, you find yourself descending in a strange world: a great plain, surrounded by mountains, a place that feels both surreal and enchanted. Are you just landing on Mars? It could be, and you are almost convinced you really are on an alien planet when you notice a city, a little far away from the airport. That’s Denver, and you just arrived in Colorado. It’s almost like entering the world of the Shining (Stephen King’s novel, which - as I am sure you know - is set precisely in the state of Colorado), and not because you encounter ghosts and witness atrocious homicides and crimes, but quite simply because the place really feels isolated. Thinking about it, this is probably one of the reasons why Denver has become the American capital city of cannabis: because it exists in its own world, and when the planets are small revolutions are easier. And, just to make it clear, what happened in Colorado in 2012 (the legalization of cannabis) is nothing but a revolution.

In this enchanted land something magical will happen during the next weekend (April 18-20 2015). It’s called Cannabis Cup and if you like marijuana, or even if you are just curious about it, this is something you really don’t want to miss. It is really a harvest-festival, a kind of international convention. It was born - guess what - in the Netherlands, in the 80s, and it was held for the first time in Denver in 2013: around 17.000 people attended that year. And what about 2014? Well, let’s say the whole thing was sold out and 37.000 people were there every day throughout the Cup. If you are asking yourself what kind of atmosphere you will find there, let’s quotethe journalist Bruce Barcott, who recently wrote an article about his time at Cannabis Cup 2014: “here I was, hanging out with tens of thousands of testosterone-heavy young men in a hot, packed space, and I saw no violence. I saw no conflict. For two days I heard zero angry words and saw not a single clenched fist. At 4:20 nearly everybody at Cannabis Cup took long, strong draws of THC, CBD and a host of other cannabinoids. By 4:40 most of them were pleasingly high. Many adopted positions of repose”. Not bad, wouldn’t you agree?

Just remember to bring your ID and be ready to wait in line. Plus, another little thing you should be aware of: it looks like there will be no free samples this year. This is due to a new set of regulations published by the enforcement division of the Department of Revenue of the state of Colorado. I am sure many of you are disappointed, and many others were planning on going there precisely because of the free samples. This said, if you are interested in understanding the legalized version of the cannabis world, this is the place to be.

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