Get the Facts Right about Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem Marijuana Seeds

Published : 03/3/2016 09:39:09
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Get the Facts Right about Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem Marijuana Seeds

The growth is faster and better, harvests are awesome and the impact on the mind something to live for. Imbibe it in any of the different forms, eat, smoke, drink, vape- some things do not change.  Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem wows the user with a flavour that evokes fruits and flowers and many people find a peppery taste too. Get ready to soar high and wide when you get hooked on the sativa spell.

The feeling is ecstatic and inspiring with a burst of ingenuity as elation overtakes you on the most splendid ride of your life. Feel at home with a happiness that is mind blowing.  What is the secret of that mighty high? THC levels range from 20% to 26% and that is quite a bit of course. Take it easy with the session though so as not to lose control. 

Medically speaking

Amnesia Trance treats pains and headaches rather effectively with all that power and these symptoms occur in many disease conditions. Besides, all the euphoria this strain generates is an effective cure for despairing conditions that would never bother you again, once you get to the divine spark. It is obvious that insomnia and migraine would not bother you either with all the relaxed euphoria that descends. In certain senses, these conditions are better managed through marijuana rather than traditional medicines that seem to be losing their clout before the effectiveness of natural goodness.

The unique constitution!

The mind rather than the body feels the powerful effects and the pacific feel is best experienced in the night like a sleeping pill. An overpowering sativa percentage at 65 combines with 35% of indica and is thus heavier in the sativa characteristics. The impact could he harsh due to that overwhelming power.  In terms of flavour, a floral quality combined with a musky undertone is obvious when you use it in one of the several ways, depending upon personal preferences. Take a peek at the plant images! The flowers seem covered by hairy white with resin in plenty among narrow leaves and many buds. 

So you wish to grow the wonder weed?

You need to have a little growing experience in order to succeed with this strain. Growing the feminized weed indoors may bring advantages though it would grow outdoors too. You have apt control over things happening inside while the plants are exposed to the elements outside. The difference in growth is substantial though. Indoors the plant grows to 36 inches while outdoors the growth would reach 7 feet! Classified as moderate growing difficulty, water supply must be just right, avoiding excess or the opposite.  Lighting and nutrients too need to be appropriate. Get ready to reach flowering time at 65 days. The yield could be in the range of 450 gms per square meter.

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