Get high with Crystal seeds too, among the best in the market

Published : 04/8/2019 10:59:19
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Get high with Crystal seeds too, among the best in the market

Why famous? Potent of course! Fancy names certainly but then the marijuana high itself is more than fanciful and nowadays has half the world in its grip. Should we say the whole world rather that slavishly seeks those psychedelic highs? Jokes apart, consider the diverse medical uses that existed all along but are only now being exploited and certainly are the way the future is going. Consider the single use of being a painkiller, strong sedative too. Crystal can achieve all that as a result of the powerful content of THC at around 17%. Either way, for getting high or medically speaking, Crystal is a winner.


Why Crystal seeds?

Regarding the basic indica sativa question which is how marijuana originated, crystal is largely indica based. Explosive rotund buds characterize this unique variety. Growing along the branches and the nodes, these buds develop a covering of crystals, sparkling and dewy white. The resemblance to White Widow is uncanny indeed but it reminds you of Northern Lights in resisting illness. Though appearances often deceive, the enchantment of this marijuana is felt immediately when imbibed in whatever fashion. The sticky buds smell strong too and generate a prolonged sharp high.

Growing Crystal seeds?

You could grow it in the garden along with the lovely flowery specimens! Like cooking your own meals, growing pot would be most satisfying indeed while ensuring that you got what you deserved straight from the earth, unadulterated and pure. Seed companies abound online with all the growing instructions. Besides, marijuana is basically a very sturdy plant that grows everywhere in the wild and that is why it is called weed. Crystal grows both indoors and outdoors and produces a profusion of flowers in about 9 weeks. Grown outdoors, the harvest may arrive in late September. The plant reaches a medium height of 100 to 180 cm and the yield may be plenty at around 500 gm/m2.

Try Crystal feminized seeds

Normal marijuana seeds would grow both male and female plants but the feminized seeds go one step further and grow only the female high yield plants. Crystal gives high yield too and is comparatively easy to grow both indoors and out. Beginners could give it a try with no regrets. Considering the fact that seeds are on the expensive side, get value for money with this sensational hybrid.

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