Five Factors a First-Time Cannabis Grower Should Consider When Choosing the Seed

Published : 07/14/2015 15:26:45
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Five Factors a First-Time Cannabis Grower Should Consider When Choosing the Seed

Experienced growers really enjoy the whole process of cultivation, but the case is not the same for first-time growers since they would mostly be doubtful about the various processes involved. However, with little bit of assistance they can get through the process successfully with ease. To start with, they need to sow good quality seeds if they want a successful harvest. Here are five factors that a first-time cannabis grower should consider when choosing seeds. 

Seeds Supplier 

The first and foremost factor that needs to be taken into consideration here is the supplier from where you buy the seeds. There are several suppliers who are not so reliable and sell low quality seeds. So, ensure you do your research before choosing a seed store. Get recommendations from other experienced cannabis growers. There are reliable online suppliers like that supply great quality seeds at reasonable prices. 

Seed Strain 

A first-time cultivator may want to try the best seed strains to get the best possible results. They need to choose from auto-flowering or feminized seeds for the best cultivation experience. Though, there are several standard seed options available in the market.  Choosing from feminized, auto-flowering or standard seeds is the best way to increase the chances of a good harvest.   

Blooming Time

It is advised that first-time growers select strains with short flowering periods. They need to avoid selecting a sativa strain that grows to great heights and may need almost 12 weeks for complete blooming. So, keep it reasonable and choose a strain that has less than 9 weeks flowering period so that you’re first grow does not seem that it is taking a very long time to finish.  

Tolerance Power

As a beginner, the seed strains that you choose should have the ability to tolerate your unintentional mistakes. There are few strains that are very sensitive to interruptions in light schedule, nutrient levels and other common mistakes committed by beginners. Avoid such strains if you still a novice grower. 

Ideal Choices for First-Time Cultivators

Few of the suggested seed varieties that tolerate mistakes pretty well are AK 49 Auto, Auto Lennon, Big Bang 2, Critical Express, Double Berry, and Easy Kush. These high-powered marijuana seeds forgive all your mistakes and favor you. They are capable of standing up to almost anything and still give out results like a pro. 

The Cost Factor 

As a beginner, it is always advised that you choose easy-to-cultivate marijuana seed strains that also cost less. This is because any grave mistakes that you may happen to commit should not prove costly. So, get a list of the strains that are easy to grow and select one considering the price factor.  

Consider these factors and choose a strain that can help you reap a good harvest. In the process, you can learn a lot of things and become an expert cultivator soon.

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