Few Facts and Myths about Marijuana That You May Not be Aware Of

Published : 07/21/2015 10:59:52
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Few Facts and Myths about Marijuana That You May Not be Aware Of

Here are some facts and myths discussed, offering you an insight into the drug. Many people are concerned whether casual smoke of weed can turn into addiction, whether it causes any health problems or driving after consuming marijuana is safe or not.

Marijuana is known by different terms- pot, cannabis, weed, grass, chronic, hash, etc. No matter what you call, it is associated with few social and health problems. Learning about facts ad myths can help you to make informed decision, when it comes to buying or smoking this drug.

Myth: Cannabis Is Harmless 

What many people think is that since marijuana is all natural product it causes no harm to user.  However, it’s the biggest myth regarding marijuana; you can’t assume that it’s a natural product and hence not harmful, even if you smoke it. If you consume it in small quantities, then it’s a totally different matter altogether, but if you smoke it constantly, then it’ll certainly have some repercussions.


It is better to know the blend; most marijuana seeds have over 400 carcinogens and toxins, which can harm lungs. Though the amount of smoke that goes inside, is very less in comparison to the traditional form of fagging, it can cause faster damage to lungs, due to smoke being breathed deeper and unfiltered and held longer than usual before exhaling. Moreover, these days, you can find chemically enhanced or feminized seeds, which are no less than other forms of dangerous drugs. Use of cannabis can lead to major social, behavioral, learning, and health problems.  

Myth: Marijuana Causes Memory Loss

Though it is considered to be powerful, it can cause no general loss in intelligence and logic. This myth is believed by many.


The fact is that taking cannabis in more amounts (over limit) can cause short term memory loss. If a person is into this, then it could have significant effect, like he might not remember or learn new things during intoxication and know (or remember) only those experienced before he took it. It isn’t scientifically proven that taking marijuana can lead to permanent or long-term memory loss. 

Myth: Marijuana Isn’t Addictive 

Since the main ingredient is THC, it stimulates the brain cell to create a high feel and people would love to take this drug over and again.

Fact: Since users can feel high, adults and youngsters would crave to smoke marijuana. It’s the main reason behind addiction. Teens and adults will become addicted soon and it could lead to poor academic performance. 

But, on the other hand, people also need to understand that medical marijuana is capable of doing wonders, and if cannabis are consumed in a systematic way, then can fetch a lot of benefits. And, if you keep smoking weed, then you certainly can’t expect anything good to happen!

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