Few Facts about Feminized Seeds and the Best Strains to Choose from

Published : 05/30/2014 09:47:04
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Evolution in Breeding Process

The process of feminizing seeds is carried out by Breeding with Herman. During ‘70s and ‘80s when the seeds were grown people understood that they came from a bag of good buds, but today hybridization of seeds has become really popular. People were not much concerned about the gender of the seeds earlier, but as they discovered female seeds give excellent results, they have become more conscious. 

Today, the commercialization of feminized seeds is at its peak and there are many breeders and seed banks around the world, which claim to offer top quality feminized seed products. But, the big question is how amongst them are actually competent enough to offer high quality cannabis. Mentioned below are our top 3 picks of feminized cannabis seeds that can be trusted for their quality. 

Amnesia Feminized Seeds

This has been one of the most successful feminized seeds for years together. It is easily one of the best seeds across Holland; not to mention its reputation and name has only grown in last few years as more and more breeders have joined the party. This is also the most sold marijuana across different coffeeshops in Netherland. high-supplies.com is one of the best online suppliers of these types of elite feminized seeds. While most of the online stores sell it for higher prices, at this online store you can purchase it for just €30. 

K2 Feminized Seeds

This is yet again a typical Dutch favorite and it is simply loved by the users who expect relaxed feeling and strong taste. It is also famous for its energetic high that surpasses the expectations of the users of pot. K2 Feminized provides the comfortable numbness along with a lovely high people seek for a relaxed feeling. The quality of these seeds is normally better than most others and they are also great for indoor growing, which also suits the needs of the guerilla growers. Despite being a Sativa it is known to grow beautiful in a compact way that doesn’t take much of your space. Affording these seeds is even easier as they are easily available for € 25. 

Crystal Feminized Seeds

A popular White Widow re-back, which is crossed with Northern Lights, Crystal feminized seeds is a favorite amongst breeders because it grows under all kinds of circumstances. The buds of these seeds are sticky and big and give a typical kerosene type of aroma. The pot smokers love it for the fact that it hits the high in almost no time. These feminized seeds have a flowering period of just 9 weeks. You can easily purchase these seeds for €25.

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