Enjoy Indica Crystal Extreme, the little secret behind marijuana ice seeds

Published : 09/22/2015 10:07:24
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Enjoy Indica Crystal Extreme, the little secret behind marijuana ice seeds

Perhaps the problem is one of choice. Originating in India, the sativa and indica strains have reached across the world in numerous hybrid varieties. Color, shape, taste and smell all underwent rapid changes and the original may now be hard to recognize. Commercial growers catering to the now liberalized markets for medicinal and recreational use have thus enhanced the properties and packaged them sensationally. So now you get to eat, drink, smoke marijuana in all its glory! 

Grow your own supreme ice seeds  

Among the very best in the glittering marijuana spectrum is the ice seeds that flower within 50-55 days and grow to a height of 100-150 cm. That is not very tall and sparse spaces would suffice. The THC content stands in the vicinity of 15-20%. The ice seeds are derived from the White Widow strain that replicates everything good and promises a big yield with luxuriant buds.  

Why is it called ice? 

The name ice seeds are a result of the white crystals that form on the flowers. Ice seeds grow both in soil and in water, both indoors and outdoors. This variety would grow best in the hydroponics culture.  

Otherwise ice stands for Indica crystal extreme and it is an extremely satisfying recreational use. Certainly extremely popular worldwide, the drug delivers a powerful kick and the smoke tastes rather sweet.  

Indica and sativa strains blend together in this sprightly concoction. Get going whether for indoor or outdoor growing. Best indoors but good outdoor conditions would bring forward the best yield. Yet chances of disease are greater outside. Meanwhile prepare confidently for the resin that surrounds the bud. The thick layer of sticky resin is quite characteristic and represents the potent effects. 

The effects of the marijuana 

A little sour and a little sweet is the bewitching taste of the ice plant. It has medicinal uses too and relieves insomnia and stress, a pain killer too. Recreationally the smoke would result in a euphoric body buzz that can be rather powerful indeed.  

Besides, the ice seed is a champion winner of several cannabis cups. The evolution came about by breeding several varieties of Afghan and Shiva, Skunk and Northern Lights in a commercial package that truly invigorates. The outstanding genetic makeup and abundant THC contributes to royal highs. You would get very far with ice seeds, both with the growing and the smoking. Cannabis is also eaten and drunk in the new American culture that is emerging, dependent upon personal preferences.  

When do you harvest ice seeds? 

October or early November would be the best times for the harvest of this delectable weed. Be prepared well for everything that comes later and how to dispose of the harvest, medicinally or for recreation. Pain management is one of the widespread medicinal uses and even extreme pain is managed well under its influence. Recreationally the plant delivers ample highs and is a mighty favorite among users all over.

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