Did You Know - Australia is Home to World’s Strongest Pot with 40% THC!

Published : 12/3/2014 14:07:01
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Did You Know - Australia is Home to World’s Strongest Pot with 40% THC!

Samples taken from Aussie street markets have been tested, and reported to contain 15% THC on average, and the most potent ones were found to have about 40% THC! This is certainly some fantastic news for the collectors, who use them for recreational purposes, but to those who use marijuana for medical purposes, it may not sound equally exciting. We say so because the recent studies also suggest that CBD levels tend to go down with surge in THC, and other cannabinoids are usually present at “very low levels”, especially CBD.

To throw more light on the subject, international science journal PLOS ONE had recently published a report, which inferred that around 90% samples had less than 0.1 CBD; of course, this was more of an attempt to analyse cannabis potency in general, rather than presenting an Aussie analysis of CBD as such.

In countries like Israel where medical marijuana is legalized, strains with less than 1% THC, and up to 15% CBD have already been developed. And, they are found to offer the same therapeutic effects as THC, though they don’t give the same high!

The rising strength of marijuana may certainly be seen as a strong reason to legalize the cannabis plant for the right reasons, but most policymakers still continue to feel the opposite.

Disclaimer: Marijuana seeds are exclusive meant for collection purposes only, and cultivating them is considered illegal, and we strictly recommend you to refrain from doing so!

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