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Common Mistakes Committed By First-Time Cannabis Growers

Growers who have been growing this weed for more than a decade are naturally bound to be a lot better than those who have just about started. If you are one of those newbie cannabis cultivators, then you need to stay aware of the common mistakes that beginners tend to commit so as to avoid doing those mistakes. So, here are the top 6 common mistakes committed by most beginners that you ought to avoid.


Most first-time cannabis growers are so excited that they tend to over-water their plants thinking it’s good. But beware that over-watering can kill your marijuana plants. Water only when few inches of soil on the top dry out. Though, if you are using hydroponics setup, it is hard to over water due to the great drainage properties of rockwool. 

Touching Germinating Seeds 

Don’t lose patience when waiting for your seeds to germinate. Cannabis seeds may need up to ten days too sproutfully. Don’t get tempted to employ methods that induce growth like the towel method, which require touching the seeds when transferring from the towel to the medium of growth. Allow them to germinate naturally, because touching them can hinder the germination of seeds. 

Over-Fertilizing or Under-Fertilizing the Plant 

Don’t over fertilize your plant by using fertilizers every time you water the plants; do not under fertilize by assuming that the plants are getting the needed nutrients on your usual application. Instead, you should check on a regular basis, and look for any possible deficiencies, and based on your findings, you take appropriate actions accordingly. 

Growing Seeds from Untrustworthy Sources

Beginners need to stay aware of sources to purchase the seedsfrom. Since they are new to the field, they are more likely to get cheated by unreliable sellers. Instead, they should buy from reliable seed banks or online suppliers like This website has been known for supplying the best marijuana seeds online with great discounts, and regular deals during the festive season. Remember that the genetics of the seeds play a crucial role too. 

Providing Adverse Growing Conditions to the Plants 

Marijuana plants are living things and they are very delicate. It is vital to provide these plants with good growing conditions from air and water to humidity and temperature. They should be offered with proper maintenance and care. 

Harvesting Too Early

Growing cannabis certainly needs a little bit of patience if you are to see till the end. None of the phases of lifecycle of cannabis will test your patience more than waiting for the right time to harvest. But remember, harvesting too early will bring down the effects of your plant in addition to decreasing the overall weight. 

Stay aware of these mistakes and don’t commit them if you want enjoy a good harvest.