Caramelicious Auto - fem seeds known as one of the profitable Marijuana seeds

Published : 09/28/2017 09:48:53
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Caramelicious Auto - fem seeds known as one of the profitable Marijuana seeds

Caramelicious has been reproduced throughout the previous 15 years with extraordinary achievement and satisfaction. This indica/sativa mixture is crossed back and chose on her sweet taste and incredible yield.

The taste of Caramelicious Auto-fem seeds

A wonderful plant heaps of gems sweet taste and an upbeat high. This plant is anything but difficult to develop.  It tastes awesome and has a genuine quality to back it up, as in Lab tests examples have THC levels recorded above 17%, which for auto-flowering pot is really deserving of note.

Some important features of Caramelicious Auto-fem 

A quick, thick maturing plant that that overflows gum like the maple leaves in its legacy, being a cross between Caramelicious (Canadian Maple leaf x Blue Black x Afghan Kush) and a Siberian Ruderalis. Yields are strong between 400-500gsm, however, the rate at which it completes mean you can without much of a stretch get two full gathers in everything except the most brutal atmospheres, giving it genuine business advance.

Caramelicious Auto-fem seeds develop in an overwhelming, ragged shape, short intermodal separation yet from various stems making it look practically round in its last stages. It reacts well to an entirely substantial supplement administration and with cautious consideration regarding low push preparing or molding, it will create buds the length of the stems, directly into the heart of the plant.

A rich smooth taste of toffee confections with no hint of causticity or cruelty is normal for an all around cured example; it is a genuine euphoria to smoke unadulterated or through a bong.

Grower’s info:

The outcome is a Caramelicious Auto-fem strain with all the colossal attributes of the first Caramelicious however, with auto blossoming qualities so you can develop and collect in a much shorter time.

Caramelicious auto-flowering holds the expansive sticky buds with a slight caramel flavor and abnormal amounts of THC.

Caramelicious auto-fem seeds are similar to the first Caramelicious still has that sweet inebriating smell when blooming alongside the taking off lively highs when smoked.

Because of it auto flowering qualities, Caramelicious auto-fem will begin to develop buds not long after it builds up itself. This implies you can reap Caramelicious auto flowering between 90 to 120 days after germination – relying upon the measure of harvest you are looking for.

All Caramelicious auto-flowering seeds are feminized seeds guaranteeing that all plants developed from these seeds will develop into bud-bearing female plants.

Caramelicious Feminized is pretty much as glad inside as it is outdoors. This strain is a wonder to take a gander at, with huge buds full of orange hairs, stacked with precious stones and sap

Appropriately named for its sweet aroma and caramel-like flavor, Caramelicious Feminized will give you a smooth conveyance, and the celebrated Indica body buzz with a light measurement of Sativa High. Develop Caramelicious in the event that you need an uncommon treat and a compensating harvest. Cheerful planting!

Caramelicious Feminized is a great degree strong, simple to develop a plant. It is Suitable for SOG (Sea Of Green) planting. Develops rapidly creating big buds with a lot of resin

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