cannabis seeds in general

Published : 11/6/2013 15:59:52
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The plants growing out of cannabis seeds are strong by nature.
You can consider the cannabis plants as a weed that is almost indestructible, like his ancestor the nettle .
Although there are many strains available with each strain having its own characteristics, it is a fact that these plants can handle stress very well and often recover well after a period of stress.
In some cases , their survival techniques can make them much stronger and that is why some producers try to trick the plant by stressing them once in a while.
They do this by shaking the plants head stem to get the juices flowing, also not watering them for a day or two gives the plant a survival boost.
Just make sure not to overdo it because too much stress can have devastating effects on your plant and can even ruin your crop.
There are several different kinds of varieties, here's a short description of them all.
Feminized seeds are developed to secure the grower of a good crop, it saves him the trouble of tracking down male plants or detecting a male plant too late.
With regular cannabis seeds there is a 50% chance of growing male and female plants, a risk for the producer who only wants to grow female plants but for a breeder they are excellent to use for crossing.
Their genes are as pure as they can be and the risk to find hermaphrodites is reduced to a minimum ,especially when you keep away from stressful situations.
Growing plants from cannabis seeds is an excellent opportunity to learn as much as you can about the whole process , you can try different ways and possibilities!

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