Cannabis seeds can be used for several purposes like growing buds

Published : 10/31/2013 15:46:31
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Cannabis seeds, there are a million different kinds of cannabis seeds available all over the world but what makes a cannabis seed this special ?
First of all cannabis seeds produce plants with healing properties and very strong fibers, the plants are very strong by nature and belong to the "weeds" or tares, they're almost indistructable.
When a female plant is under a lot of stress like fluctuating temperatures or damage she will try to save her genes by producing male flowers/seeds.
I find this a true miracle of nature and to me it kind of proves cannabis was meant to be.
There are so many strains of cannabis available and all because they are very suitable and fun to experiment with, there have been some great strains developed like the stress resisting Northern Light Shiva or cold resisting Hollands Hope.

Autoflower strains are winning popularity because of their short height (thanks to Ruderalis genes) and good quality yield, it depends on with what other strain they have crossed the ruderalis with what gives the plant it's specific properties.
Germinating cannabis seeds is very easy, just remember it's a product of mother nature so if you combine that knowledge with some common sense things can hardly go wrong except if the seeds were stored wrong or were too old to germinate.
The cannabis plant is very strong and some strains have been developed to forgive grower's mistakes, they adjust and restore themselves really well.
Almost every seeds bank describes their collection on properties, kind, taste and effect so you can determine which strain suites you best.

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