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Cannabis Seeds and Nutrition

You may know that cannabis seeds can be kept for at least a year if stored in a cool, dry and dark place.
They can even be stored for a long period of time if you manage to keep the refrigerator closed to maintain a stable temperature.
A normal refrigerator is used daily and opens and closes several times a day which gives a higher risk for mold to occur because opening and closing the refrigerator creates a moisty environment due to temperature changes.
Water and nutrients inside the seed retains the healthy seed to survive a long period of time memorized, this is the beauty of mother nature.
Before planting cannabis seeds in the soil, you can pretreat the soil with an additional booster to promote root development and additional protection against possible pests or molds.
Most soils available in a normal flower shop contain a little nutrition, but will not last as long as the package says, adding a little extra will not hurt.
There are many different nutritians available, for growth, blooming and general growth, the dosage is a matter of reading and logical sense.
Many beginners ruin their crop by giving a dose too high because in fact they do not know what they are doing, knowledge is everything!
Please keep in mind that cannabis seeds are a product of nature, failing seeds or even plants does not always mean you are doing a bad job, or the seed store "only" sells Bad seeds, you can consider it as the mother nature having a bad day.
Keep your head high and try again what I think every time something goes wrong.