Cannabis grow booster

Published : 11/5/2013 16:22:29
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Every cannabis grower dreams of having strong healthy growing plants, to reach that point you need to start boosting the soil and roots from the beginning.
There are a lot of different boosters containing micro-organism spores, kelp extracts, vitamins and amino-acids, best is to find those which contain natural fertilizers like Star-T Booster.

This product protects the soil, the cannabis seeds and therefor the plant itself while it's growing.
The micro-organisms are activated as soon as the booster is dissolved in water, when they reach the cannabis seeds and/or little roots they give full protection against toxics and the threat of pathogens.They grow alongside the roots which protects them while growing and this protection lasts a long time which means an optimal healthy start for the cannabis seeds as well as the plant.

Nothing is for free and that also goes for plants and micro-organisms because in return for their optimal protection the micro-organisms are rewarded with carbohydrates which they need to stay alive.
This is an excellent way to maintain a two-way protected long term relationship, the plant will grow strong and the soil stays healthy, this will be reflected by healthy green leaves and delicious growing buds.

Remember that is it really recommended to use the dissolved booster within two to three hours to guarantee the quality of the organisms and nutrients.
If you accidentally have a surplus you can give it to other plants in your home or garden.

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