Cannabis Care and Growth: The Right Kind of Soil/Hydroponics and Nutrients

Published : 01/16/2015 11:59:18
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Cannabis Care and Growth: The Right Kind of Soil/Hydroponics and Nutrients

With many online dealers like selling all kinds of cannabis varieties online, there is a growing need for help and guidance on how best a grower can take care of his cannabis in order to get the best yield. Below we present a simple description of the soil condition, the right hydroponics and best nutrients that will help you enjoy the best yield possible.  

Soil Conditions 

The best kind of soil would be regular garden soil of high quality that is easily available in any garden store or in retailers like Kmart or Wal-Mart. When you take the germinated seeds out first, use unfertilized soil in smaller pots till the plants get a little bigger. Make sure the soil is moist. Once the plants get a little bigger, transfer them to the tray; make sure you use sufficient water and organic fertilizers regularly. 

Hydro Kits and Other Hydroponic Grow Mediums  

It is always easier to grow plants in soil rather than in hydroponic mediums; but the un-deniable advantage of growing cannabis in them is that they give a higher yield. The rewards are much faster as well. But before you reap the expected results, you will need to go through a good share of trials since creating this set up right from scratch is not exactly an easy task. An easy way out of building a hydroponic system yourself would be is to get hold of one of the hydro kits.  

Follow the Instructions 

These kits make everything easy along with a manual that gives you a good deal of instructions and information. Hydro kits are definitely more expensive than building one from scratch; but they are a sure shot way of at least preventing a ruination of crop for a first timer. There are many mediums that can be used in the hydroponic systems. The best are hydroton, and rockwool. Make sure you take a look at the PH levels of the mediums before picking one.  


There are a plethora of nutrients that are available in the market, so many, enough to get you confused and keep you confused. And as if that’s not enough, each one of them very convincingly advocate the absolute use of it for a good yield. To start with, make sure your nutrients menu has these two most common lines of nutrients – general hydroponics and advanced nutrients. For a beginner, this should do. As you gain more experience, you can conjure up your own recipes.  

More you experiment (though not with drastic proportions and strong ones that could prove harmful); more you’ll get a hang on what works well. Pick up a PH tester, so you can check the PH level of the nutrients as well as the water.  

Steer clear away from nutrient brands that promise unbelievable yields, unless you hear about it from reliable customers who’ve used it themselves before. The most common advicefrom pro growers is that a newbie must start cautiously and gradually begin to experiment to figure out what works best, and what doesn’t.

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