Cannabis and your mental state

Published : 10/31/2013 16:51:20
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Are you fantasizing about smoking buds and what effects do you get while germinating and planting your cannabis seeds?
Of course you do, it is the excitement almost every producer knows because in the end it is all about the final product, the delicious buds that gives you a feeling you will never forget.

You will find yourself thinking about the happiness or creativity you will gain out of it, but how many producers are thinking about the less fortunate consequences of smoking cannabis?

If you are sensitive to the health of smoking cannabis mental problems can have a negative influence on your state of mind.
It is commonly known that the effects of cannabis using your short-term memory and concentration but have you ever thought of mental problems that can not be beat while smoking cannabis?

If you just want to enjoy cannabis, it is wise to educate yourself on what strains fits you best as there is a difference in the effects!
For example dominant Indica strains such as White Widow and Big Bud have a higher level of CBD, the CBD is one of the many notable cannabinoids currently working and responsible for the sensation of heaviness in the head, arms and legs.
Herer Jacky and amnesia are dominant Sativa strains, with a more psychedelic effect, it gives energy and a creative brain.
These effects are most often safe for the normal smoker, but if you are susceptible to psychosis or schizophrenia or other mental problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a psychiatrist.

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