Cannabis and hashes

Published : 10/31/2013 16:46:06
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Cannabis buds are usable in many ways for different purposes, if you read this you'll probably already have some in mind like smoking, baking cake or fixing some relaxing cannabis tea.
For all these things you can just use the bud in its entirety but if you have enough buds covered with a nice sticky layer of chrystals is it's very possible to make your own piece of hash !
Hashes are mostly made from the resin of cannabis sativa buds, the level of THC is the highest in sativa buds so that's why smoking hashes gives you a high feeling, unlike indica which gives you a stoned and heavy feeling.
Resin can be separated from the buds and leaves if you store them in a freezer, after you collect the resin the process can begin.
First you need to be sure all you want to use is well dried in order to shed the resin.
After you collected most of the resin, besides the freezer there are several ways to do that, you can pack it in air-tight plastic into an square piece.
Wrap the package in a few strips of newspaper, make sure there's enough to cover the package in at least 4 layers and keep it under the water tap until every layer is wet.
When it's wet enough you can slowly heat it up by putting it in the oven or whatever there is available, as long as it's not too hot, about 60 to 80 degrees, otherwise the package will burn !
As soon as the package is dry it needs to be pressed and cool down very quick, you can use a lot of things but do it carefully to avoid breakage or tearing the package.
If all goes well you've got yourself a nice fresh piece of hashes you can enjoy, nothing tastes better !

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