Cannabis and CBD THC

Published : 11/5/2013 15:01:47
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By now most of us already know about the many strains available on the market, legalized or not, cannabis moves on like a steam truck and can't be stopped because of the so many lovable effects and characteristics they hold.

Being a cannabis lover myself i must admit i never really took notice of the active components of cannabis , i just enjoyed the smell, taste and effect of smoking buds and didn't care what exactly made me feel the way i felt while smoking.

Of course i was already aware of the presence of THC and for a long ignorant time i believed that was the only substance ensuring the effects while smoking and toking.
Only when i started to read about the presence of CBD and how it affects the effects of THC i realized that each strain holds it's own certain amount of CBD and THC.

This knowledge made it easy and fun to select my own personal favorite strains and i started trying other strains.
I also learned that cannabis is used for medicinal purposes because CBD for instance would help fight a lot of conditions like pain, anxiety and sleeplessness and THC helps against stress, depressions and tiredness.

Sativas are mostly THC dominant by nature what gives you the real " high" , just as well as indicas hold a higher amount of CBD, this is what influences the effects like the famous "couch-lock" .

The color of trichomes, containing several cannabinoids like THC and CBD, is also important to determine when you need to harvest and when what substance is at its best because when the trichomes are milky white THC is dominant but when they start getting amber colored it means CBD is breaking down THC.
Famous Indica strains are Big Bud and California Orange Bud while Jacky Herer and Amnesia are true Sativas.

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