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Cannabis and cannabis tea

The most common way of using cannabis is smoking the buds in a rolled up paper or using a bong or pipe.
With these methods you instantly feel the effect on body and mind, it relaxes quite immediately and works for about two hours following a good nights sleep.
But even though smoking cannabis makes you feel good it is not very healthy because smoking cannabis is more polluting for your lungs then normal cigarettes, one joint equals about 7 cigarettes !
There are several ways to take in cannabis or just the cannabinoids and the most revolutionary way at this moment is the vaporizer because you still have the feeling you're inhaling the cannabis but without taking in all kinds of polluting ingredients like nicotine, tar and other chemicals.
The smoke is clean and mild with the taste of cannabis only increasing, conclusion, more taste and less negative influences.
If you don't have the money to buy yourself a vaporizer but you still don't want to pollute yourself by smoking or whatever reason you have not to want to smoke,  there is another way ! 
In my opinion the most relaxing non polluting method is to make tea out of the leaves, stems and a few tasty good looking buds.
Adding coffee creamer, milk or butter to the boiling water makes sure the THC maintains it's working abilities, you can find the exact recipe on the internet but using fat is very important, otherwise you're just drinking hot water with a slight cannabis taste.
Cannabis tea relaxes, it won't hit your head as fast and hard as when you smoke but the effect lingers on much longer and there is no proof whatsoever that it has psychotic influences on your mind.
You're just in a certain kind of relaxing flow that make you sleep very well and is very well suited for people suffering from lung diseases.
All strains possible are suitable for making delicious cannabis tea.