Californian Skunk Gives Out Citrus Flavor

Published : 09/21/2016 10:27:20
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Californian Skunk Gives Out Citrus Flavor

Anxiety, stress and headaches are treated positively with this plant. Novice cultivators also can rejoice with good harvest with this plant. The THC level from this plant is medium that is about 8-15 %.  Many commercial cultivators also use this plant to get a good harvest.

Get Good Mood 

This plant grows to a height of about twenty inches if grown indoors. Though there are not many leaves the plant looks bushy. The buds are green with orange hairs on it. These colors give a brilliant look to the plant. The taste of the strain is like a citrus candy which is sweet. The cerebral lift after consuming the strain or smoke gets good moods out. The strain does not overpower a person and is not much strong. A person can get on to job with full enthusiasm after consuming this strain. 

Attractive Buds With Citrus Flavor

The plant has resistance to molds and pests. The cultivators can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. Regular fertilizers with watering and sunlight are more than enough for getting good harvest. Within 8-10 weeks there are buds and the cultivator gets the harvest. There are cultivators towards northern California who get good harvest with this breed. The attraction of these buds is the heavy resin with orange hairs on the green buds. The smoke from such buds gives extra effects. The yield is about 500 grams per square meter. Whether grown indoors or outdoors it is giving the best yield. 

Mix Of Indica And Afghanica

The plants do not need much space and thus a little space is enough to grow them. The sellers have pot seeds specially for growing indoors. As the seeds do not need much of sunlight it suits to the indoor farming. The orange flavor is the best part of this breed. The buds give the sweet citrus scent which is liked by majority of Marijuana lovers. This flavor is from the Indica and the robust sun tolerating feature from Afghanica. Both together give the best to the plant. The climate for growing this plant outdoors should be frost free until the month of November. 

The people who intake this strain or smoke feel the cerebral raise slowly. There is a happy and creative feeling which lasts for long. Those who like to get more activities from their brain and have their job going can use this strain. 

Look Into The Local Laws

There is a ban for Marijuana in many countries. The purchaser has to look into the rules of the country and state before ordering for the seeds. These seeds are feminized and thus 100% germination is guaranteed. It is better to place these seeds in the pot which has loose soil. The water and sunlight should be dim until the seedling appears. The intensity of sunlight and water has to be increased slowly as the plant grows.

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