Bianca feminized –winner of many Cannabis Cup awards

Published : 10/11/2016 15:26:53
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Bianca feminized –winner of many Cannabis Cup awards

Thanks to its Afghan genetics, Bianca feminized is a tough plant thrives almost everywhere. Depending on your space you have presented, could grow up inside or outside. She is a habit that resembles a bonsai Bush reaches out with only a moderate height. The seven-week around you, you'll be ready to harvest, how quickly satisfied. Depending on the weather and the season in that zone, the plants outside for a September or October is harvested. White Widow and White Queen are Bianca of the shimmering effect, THC crystal display and a thick layer of resin. His pedigree you'd expect from the white like of the traditional white icing. THC-rich buds that his best and modest height, though he is a very tall tree you'd expect from the weight of the crop is produced.

Conditions in the mountainous Afghan strain, which could withstand intense cold or heat is very strong and potent strain of cannabis, and then, at last, but definitely not least, the White Queen strain, as well referred to as the Empress in white cannabis genetics.

Bianca buds to treat deeply difficult and satisfying flavor combinations. Initial an impressive floral theme, cannabis, and then I will sense a subtle hint. Bianca feminized scent has a lot of character and capability. Bianca Three varieties each all offering a different level from it is high to pay. This is a very strong and positive high. Refreshingly you experience uplifted and his strong will enjoy after-the-job. You do not acquire a better smoke.

Best harvesting time for Bianca feminized 

Really fast, which is about seven weeks, the best time to harvest the plants in your Bianca? If you are outside your Bianca seeds, the perfect climate, and conditioner, depending on the time of harvest, in September or October will be about. Bianca the plants develop to a medium height, so they feature the Afghans, not more extended.

Bianca marijuana seeds develop into a relatively short but squat plant reaching heights from 60 to 90 cm – a bonus for inside growers where seed develop space is limited and for outside growers where too much visibility might lead to theft.

Bianca feminized is a beautiful and white like of the tree buds, not on a thick layer of THC crystals. Bianca tree buds are small and fat as well as in production. And it may not be a very tall cannabis plants, even though, in the end, it does not take much weight away.

Bianca feminized is a floral with a hint of hashish taste buds, a better combination of flavors. It's intense and strong flavor. Bianca is a very positive, very strong high, there. There are quite a few different species of cannabis highs Bianca comes from, for the reason that, after a strong job-lasting gave an uplifting high.

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