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Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

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Beginners Must Try Premium Seeds

Indica is quite easy to grow and most beginners prefer it over other forms. Most Skunks have sativa properties and are generally vigorous and tough, capable of living through the common mistakes that beginners commit. The seeds should be priced-reasonably and affordable. Premium seeds are suggested for experienced growers. Beginners can choose K2 and White Widow regular seeds. Some Indica-sativa hybrid strains are easy to control. 

K2 Feminized Seeds

K2  available at €20 can be raised in a place, without too much of space constraint. High Supplies has many offerings and one can choose what suits the best for their needs. K2 seeds are easy to grow in limited location due to their medium height. If you’re planning to grow indoors, then K2 seeds are the best choice. It can give tough competition to the White Strains. 

White Widow Feminized Seeds

White widow are popular due to their beautiful appearance and potency. Priced at €25, it is the first choice of all potential growers. Containing sativa contents more than Indicas, it grows into a medium plant with wide green leaves. Arrived in mid 90s, it’s still conquering the seed market and can be found in many coffee shops and Netherlands. Great strain to breed or cross with, it offers high feeling, without putting much energy. 

Sativa and Indica

Sativa is considered as the herbaceous plant in the cannabis family; all strains, including hemp come under one variety of the plant sativa. You need to understand the differences between Sativa and Indica strains to make the right choice. 

Bushy and Short Growing

Indica tends to be bushy and short growing, with fat or wide leaves. The buds can release heavy and relaxing effect. It’s best recommended for indoor growing because the buds and shapes are more suited to relieve muscle tension, insomnia, body pain, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. 

Lanky and Tall

The Sativa varieties tend to grow lanky and tall, with finger-like, thin leaves. These seeds have longer flowering stage and buds are less dense and more airy than the Indica varieties. The Sativa buds can uplift your mood, spark creativity, and usually act as energetic substitute for many people.

Ideal for Outdoor Growing

Sativa seeds are recommended for outdoor growing, as they can reach up to 20-ft or more. If at all you want to grow indoors, you can make use of growth control methods to keep the shape and height of the plant in control. But it’s really tough for indoor growers to cultivate this sativa variety in limited space. 

Look for Hybrids

Yet another best option is to look for hybrid variety; it will offer both bud qualities and can be grown indoors easily. It relieves certain types of pain, migration, and depression. You can also think of auto flowering seeds that have higher implications for medical terms, like anti-anxiety. These are strong and grow into nice plants, if duly taken care of.