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Best 5 Feminized Cannabis Seeds under €25

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Best 5 Feminized Cannabis Seeds under €25

Irrespective of the reason for which, growers cultivate marijuana, they usually are on the look-out for the best quality seeds at a reasonable price. Considering the market conditions, €25 is a decent amount to invest for a pack of five or ten marijuana seeds. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a listing of the best 5 feminized cannabis seeds under €25. 

Citral Feminized Seeds

Citral Feminized is the amazing outcome of the cross between a cannabis variety from Pakistan and a skunk variety that can be purchased for just €25. These seeds can be best cultivated indoors and they are capable of blooming in around 8 weeks. With this, sweet and hard Citral buds will form slowly. This strain is very popular for its earthy, smooth, herbal-like flavor with a distinctive smell like that of a fabric conditioner. Further, its THC level is extremely high. 

Original Highway Delight Feminized Seeds 

High in indica levels, the Original Delight feminized seeds are available for €25. With a short height, plants belonging to this cannabis strain don the familiar Christmas tree form with broad and big leaves. Though the yield it offers may seem to be average, we should say it is quite high for such a small plant. This is a strong and beautiful plant that offers good resistance to cold weather and moulds due to which it is suitable for growing outdoors. 

Afghan Outdoor Feminized Seeds

If you want to cultivate cannabis outdoors, Afghan outdoor feminized seeds are probably one of the cheapest varieties available, priced at €18. This is one of the best options for beginners due to the plant’s disease and cold weather resistance properties. Known for its couch-lock effects, it has an earthy odor with a recognizable and typical strong taste. 

Early Bud Feminized Seeds

Costing just €20, Early Bud feminized seeds are the ideal choice for beginners. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Early Bud is quite balanced when it comes to taste and growth. With an amazingly fresh sweet taste, smoking these buds will take the smoker to a subtle high state of mind in addition to an all-over comfortable body buzz. 

Hollands Hope Feminized Seeds 

A cross between Skunk and Afghan, Hollands Hope is a perfect option for an outdoor plant. Priced at €25, it is a very hardy strong plant with amazingly high yield, making it perfect to be cultivated by commercial growers. It is a heavy indica strain. If affordable seeds and good results are what you are looking for as a cannabis cultivator, these are the top five options under €25 budget. To get the best prices, buy these seeds from High Supplies, which is one of the best seedbanks.