Beginners Guide to Choosing the Top 3 Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Published : 02/6/2015 17:11:20
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Beginners Guide to Choosing the Top 3 Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

 As the season for sowing them grow closer, let’s look at the top 3 outdoor cannabis seeds. Each one of the strains is quite different from the other and then there is also the factor of the variety that will be suitable for your particular garden. This is based on certain conditions, aspects, maintenance capacity and variables.  

This outdoor marijuana cannabis can be got just about anywhere and the dealers are going to paint the prettiest pictures to you. It appears that many of this outdoor cannabis are available in many varieties, more than one can keep track of! But unfortunately, a good number of them are actually just copies of the existing cannabis but are just given another name with some spicy description added in.  

So, how does one actually pick the right outdoor cannabis from the various brands and cannabis variety? Which one of them will be THE choice befitting your taste? How can you tell which one of them is the real deal and how well they are suited to your garden? Well, one way you can be sure of getting genuine cannabis that deliver what’s promised in the description is to buy them from experienced dealers like

Here is a list of some of the best of outdoor cannabis: 

Early Misty : This variety of cannabis is very close to the white widow variety. It can even be called a fully developed version of the white widow. This is a hybrid version that is made from the skunk marijuana and the misty cannabis. This kind of marijuana is very hardy in the sense that it can withstand pest attacks and low temperatures. They also usually grow on a single main stem. It can produce a high that is calming to the body and rises gradually. When the smoking is done right, it gives a lovely coffee flavour than can be extremely addictive, more than the other cannabis. 

Purple Power: This cannabis has a unique taste and smell. After much research and experiment, it was particularly developed to grow in northern climates. It is supposed to be a very heady one that is meant to be cultivated in wetter and colder climates. This particular variety was developed from Thai Haze and Dutch skunk. The colder the climate, darker its purple colour gets - hence the name, purple power!

Durban Poison: This huge and chunky sativa is from the subtropical regions of South African city of Durban. It has been very popular in the region and the surrounding plains and hills around Durban since forever. This type is a favourite amongst the local breeders who like it for its high yielding capacity, uniform flowering and dependability. In the region of Durban, for over many decades, thousands of this variety of cannabis is produced each year. Durban, being a happening port and a hub at that allows the transport of this cannabis all over the world in large quantities. 

With careful consideration, you will be able to pick the best one of the lot.

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