Basic Requirements for Starting an Indoor Marijuana Garden with Star-T Booster

Published : 02/2/2015 11:42:26
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Basic Requirements for Starting an Indoor Marijuana Garden with Star-T Booster

Growing marijuana indoors need to just be a source of income, but many people even pursue it as a hobby. There are various ways of getting started with growing marijuana but the basic requirements and the preparations are pretty much the same for all of them. There are quite a few instruments also available for this purpose so there is no real fixed right or wrong way of doing it. Star-T Booster offered by is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Growing cannabis also happens to be one of the most exciting hobbies that have enough challenges to get you excited and can be extremely rewarding. There are two basic ways of growing indoor cannabis – on soil, or in hydroponic systems. It has been noticed that growing weed in soil is a cheaper and a less fussy option though the taste of weed grown in hydroponic systems seem to be better though soil based growth yield better.

Before getting started, it is important that you get some of the basic requirements ready:

Lights: Indoor gardens need lighting for the sun-like effects that are crucial for the growth of the cannabis. The intensity of the lights, the number of lights depends on the number of plants and the kind of cannabis that you are going to plant. Another important factor that you must need to take into consideration is your budget. There are many people who try to fit in as many plants as possible under a single light; but this is not going to do much help. You would rather have a few plants under one light since that would give you a better yield that cramming many under a single light. The height of the light is also another factor. Make sure you have light fittings that will allow you to adjust the height of the light from the ground since you might need to adjust it from time to time as the plants grow. It is recommended that one gets lights that come with hoods. Ballasts can also help so you can choose between metal halide bulbs and sodium lights. Make sure you use a surge protector for protection. 

Hardware: The kind of hardware and the amount of it you would need largely depends on the kind of room and cannabis that you are working on. Hardware would include the flats, trays, and drainage systems, hooks, hanging wire, wall separators and what not! It can be really simple with just some simple set up or can be complicated, depending largely on the kind of cannabis that you intend on growing. You could get new ones at a premium price or if you have a tight budget, used hardware can be a saviour. The secret to an efficient indoor garden is not adding all the hardware possible, good yield lies in adding hardware that is only required and that will assist you in producing the best harvest. When you purchase cannabis from a good dealer like, you get some instructions on what hardware you would need. 

Exhaust fans: One of the most crucial factors of an indoor garden in good air circulation. Make sure you have exhaust fans installed facing each other in opposite walls as cross ventilation will provide optimal fresh air circulation.

Temperature control: Make sure you keep the temperature required for the particular cannabis that you are sowing. Keep in mind the climatic requirements of the particular plant. For ex. Purple Power grows better in cooler climates, so you would want to maintain a lower temperature. 

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