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Auto Mazar Feminised Seeds

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Auto Mazar Feminised Seeds

This hybrid is a prize winner and has won the prize thrice for its ability to produce highly potent, high yielding and soft tasting produce.

The variety yields a bud that is sticky, well-proportioned buds and attains a length of 70-80 cms. This plant is mostly an Indica strain that is strong and dense with leaves that are big and dense. This strain is usually robust and generates buds of very high quality when grown outdoors; the plant is bred to have stable genetics so that it is capable of resisting pestilence and diseases.

It is a resinous variety and has an aroma and flavour that is earthy as that of the mother strain with a rich body to its flavour. AutoMazar is one yield that will be highly appreciated by the Indica strain lovers and not to forget its high yields! Highly recommended ad can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors; the seeds come in the form of feminized seeds and ready to give you that much needed  high!