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An Intro to Feminized Medical Cannabis and Best Strains to Choose from

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An Intro to Feminized Medical Cannabis and Best Strains to Choose from

These seeds offer as much as 90-100% of female plants. Though stability with feminized seeds have been an issue with many growers, today both reputed and small time breeders use many sophisticated processes for creating stable feminized seeds. The cannabis breeders that grow high quality feminized seeds on consistent basis make use of some different process. They don’t follow the usual method of choosing a hermaphrodite but the select 100% female seeds that have the exact traits that they want. They also make use of safe chemicals or hormones for producing enough male flowers. 

The commercialization of feminized medical seeds is growing day by day and this is the reason why breeders are growing these types of seeds in increasing numbers. The most important part when it comes to growing these seeds is choosing the right feminized medical cannabis seeds. To help the growers get easy with this confusion we list out some popular feminized medical cannabis seeds.

Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds: It is one of the strongest Indicas that can be purchased by the breeders. Just like any other regular seed, the plants of the feminized seeds remain short and they produce dense heavy buds with hashy and spicy aroma and taste. It also happens to be an excellent product for resin production. It produces very strong Indica, which makes it even better for the smoke right before the bedtime. This strain is also equally popular for medical reasons for treating insomnia and hyperactivity. Breeders can log on to a trusted online seed store like and buy it for just € 25. 

Purple Power Feminized Seeds: Purple Power is a very strong plant, which is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica and is very easy to grow; no wonder it is an absolute favorite amongst the medical marijuana breeders. Since last two decades breeders have crossed the Purple Afghan seeds with Sativa and Indica. They are very adaptable even to the coldest climates like that in Netherlands and it also produces excellent yield. Right at the dawn of flowering these plants start turning purple. It has a very subtle aroma, which offers a rough but a very good high. 

Ice Feminized Seeds: This is again an Indica dominant cannabis plant, which doesn’t grow anything more than 1 meter. Even though these are shorter in height, by topping the plant, it can start bushing sideways, which in turn, helps in producing a much bigger yield. Though it is not one of the biggest yielders out there, and it doesn’t grow ell even in cold countries, it is still a favorite because of both medical and recreational properties that it offers. It suitably grows in warm places like California or Spain. Being affordable just at €15, both big and small time breeders grow Ice feminized seeds in large numbers.